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Cold weather is coming!

As the days get shorter, maintenance concerns return to freeze protection.  Electric heat tracing to prevent freezing damage to pipes fittings and instrumentation is a common solution.  But how can we make it removable for occasional routine maintenance?

The answer is Traced Heating Jackets from HTS/Amptek®.

Electric Tracing Cable, positioned within the removable Jacket shown, provides the necessary heat to keep this filter set protected from Winter cold.  Velcro flaps and D-Ring straps provide a snug closure method, allowing quick removal and replacement. Once plumbed, these filters are suspended permanently in line on the piping circuit.  For easy fit-up, the Jackets must be manufactured with slits and holes to accommodate all of the obstructions.  Power leads may exit the Jacket via a grommet, or cord-grip, in flex conduit, armored cable or in this case simply SO cord set and plug.  

For applications requiring Hazardous Area, contact HTS/Amptek®

The Heating Cable and lead wire assembly is rugged and weather tight.  Electrical connections are enclosed within the Condulet assembly which remains inside the wall of the Jacket.  The SO power lead cord and plug exits the Jacket via a grommet and has sufficient length to reach the receptacle.


3D Models and Jackets
Printed 3D Models provide exact dimensional information to build complex custom Heating Jackets. One of the best ways is to take measurements of the actual part in the field or, if possible, have the customer ship the part to our plant. Although this is not always possible we have had customers ship their part to our facility for measurement and fit up. Recently we had a customer send us a 3-D print out of their parts for measurement and fit up. As you can see by the picture the parts were made of plastic and very colorful. They were an exact duplicate of the actual part. Because the parts were somewhat complicated this allowed us the luxury of very precise jacket fit up for our customer. The ability to 3-D print a part for an application may be the exception rather than the rule, but where available it can help ensure that the customer has the best possible outcome.


Cart Mounted Control Panels

Sometimes, portablility is necessary for both the Heating Jackets and Controller. The control panel can be standalone, or fitted with extension cables for power and temperature control. Recently we had a customer request, because of the portable use of our heating jackets that he intended to make, that we mount their temperature control panel on a cart for ease of movement. The picture shows the final design result. It gave our customer the temperature control panel mobility he was looking for and illustrates the flexibility that our application problem solvers can provide when required.

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